Here are the most common errors faced by our clients.

Mobile proxy doesn’t react to IP rotation request instantly.

Due to the specifics of our hardware and varying cell tower traffic in the US, there may be times when a carrier does not immediately assign a new IP address upon request. In some cases, this process could take up to 30 minutes, and the duration can vary depending on the time of day. Control over the IP pool lies with the ISP, so the frequency of new IP allocation is determined by their policies. For those seeking immediate rotation of US proxies, we advise acquiring additional ports. This allows you to switch proxies within your system whenever a new IP is desired. After switching, you can then request a new IP for the proxy that was previously replaced. If the rotation process encounters a complete stall, our systems are designed to automatically detect and resolve the issue, ensuring you won’t need to take any action.

Sometimes mobile proxy rotates by itself.

Proxies that are under ISP’s have their own Rotation per day as constituted by CGNAT Process. The IP you are getting in every rotation you made on the proxy are coming from the ISP itself. For the IP changing more frequently than expected it is due to ISP’s own rotation which we don’t have a control for its own rotation interval.

Mobile proxy is unstable or down.

If you encounter a non-functional proxy, there’s no need for immediate action on your part. Our system is equipped to identify such issues, and our support team is automatically engaged to work on a resolution. However, there may be instances where the system does not detect unstable proxies. In such cases, we advise you to report the proxy through the report button on your dashboard. Our support team will address and resolve the issue within 20 minutes.

In rare cases, IP appears from State.

It’s completely normal for mobile proxy IPs to be located around the location proxy is operating in. Even cases when ISP give IP from other side of a country is acceptable and no web service will raise any red flag for that. Regular users using mobile phones in the city experience same IP location placements. We do not have control over IPs of proxy, they come straight from ISP.

Abusing, using too much traffic or connections.

Our “unlimited” mobile proxy service is designed to cater to a wide range of needs with flexibility and reliability. However, the term “unlimited” comes with the responsibility of fair usage to ensure all our clients enjoy a consistent and quality experience. Excessive data usage, such as the volumes we’ve observed in your case, poses a risk of our SIM cards being temporarily restricted or permanently banned by our carriers due to their fair usage policies. To mitigate this risk and maintain the high-quality service expected by all our clients, we kindly ask you to consider lowering your data usage or splitting your traffic across multiple proxies. This approach not only adheres to fair usage guidelines but also helps in ensuring your activities can continue without interruption.

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