Using Proxy Strings

In this section, we'll show practical examples of using the proxy string we've created. We'll focus on setting up HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 connections, illustrated through examples in various programming languages.

Keep in mind that the ports will differ depending on the protocol (HTTP/SOCKS5). To choose between HTTP or SOCKS5 proxies, please refer to the 'Proxy access' panel within the 'Order Configuration' section. Order Configuration


curl -v -x -L


curl -v --socks5 --proxy-user IqcDPwX:Cz6hB219pDaCgEG -L

We suggest opting for the HTTP protocol instead of SOCKS5 when compatible with your software, due to the particularities of our hardware. While both protocols are supported and perform efficiently, issues encountered with HTTP are typically resolved more swiftly.

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