IP Skipping

To enable this feature, please contact support.

In this section, we'll walk you through the steps for managing IP skipping lists. We recommend reviewing our 'IP Skipping' documentation beforehand to familiarize yourself with the concept.

pageIP Skipping

Navigate to the 'Royal Residential' section on the sidebar menu (1), which brings you to the main dashboard for Royal Residential proxies.

From there, find the 'IP skipping' (2) button. Clicking this button enables you to manage and edit your IP skipping settings, where you can specify and manage IP skipping entries.

First, begin by creating a list. This is achieved by entering a title (1) for the list and clicking the 'Create' button. Once you create a list, it will appear in our 'Skip IP List' table (2). Here, you will find an 'Edit' button, which you need to click in order to start adding the IP ranges you wish to skip.

Clicking the 'Edit' button opens a modal window that enables you to add multiple IP ranges, change the list name, and of course, save the list.

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