IP Whitelisting

In the preceding sections, we discussed various configurations that can be applied to a proxy via the proxy string. IP Whitelisting is a feature that streamlines this process by allowing you to preserve your proxy configuration string and link it to a specific IP address. Essentially, this feature enables you to establish a preset configuration and associate it with an IP. Consequently, this eliminates the need for authentication credentials, permitting a direct connection to the proxy using just the HOST:PORT format. This method enhances ease of access while maintaining the security and specificity of your proxy settings.

What Are the Benefits of IP Whitelisting

Whitelisting IPs offers several advantages over the more common username/password authentication.

  • Enhanced security

  • Improved access control

  • Abuse prevention

  • Easier scaling

For further guidance on utilizing this feature, please refer to the 'Whitelisting IPs' subsection located within the 'Dashboard' section of our documentation.

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