Extending an Order

There is an option to extend your order, a useful feature as it ensures you keep the IPs you've been provided. There are two methods for extending:

  • A manual extension where you can go to the orders dashboard and simply click 'Extend';

  • An automatic extension. Enabling this will let you virtually forget about manual extensions, as it automatically renews the order each time it nears expiration.

When extending your order, you also have the option to change your plan. For instance, if you initially had a 90-day plan but only need the proxies for one more day or an additional month, you can adjust the duration accordingly during the extension process.

Manual Extension

Navigate to the 'Sneaker DC' section (1) via the sidebar menu.

Once you locate your order, click on 'Extend' (2) to proceed.

In this section, you have the flexibility to select a new plan or continue with the current one. Additionally, you can view the 'Expire Date' to determine when the plan is set to expire.

Following this, you will be directed to a familiar page where you can proceed with the extension process and complete the payment for the extension.

Automatic Extension

To enable automatic extensions, please navigate to the 'Order Configuration' page.

On this page, you'll find a panel that allows you to change the plan if needed and select your preferred payment method. Once you are satisfied with your choices, simply click 'Save' to enable automatic extensions.

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