Order Configuration

To begin configuring your order, you first need to access its details page.

First, navigate to the 'Static Residential' section (1) via the sidebar menu.

Once you locate your order, click on 'Details' (2) to proceed.

The 'Order Details' section offers the ability to configure your order. Upon entering this page, you will first encounter some basic information about the order.

In the page you will find a section labeled 'Auto Extend Order.' We will discuss this feature in more detail in the 'Extending an Order' section.

Extending an Order

Next, you will come across a panel for adding a note (1). This feature allows you to write something for future reference. Importantly, you will be able to search for the order using the content of your note.

Following this, you will encounter a panel designed for managing proxy credentials (2). This feature enables you to change the username and password for either all proxies in the order or for individual proxies.

Lastly, you'll find the 'Formatted Proxy List' section further down (3). This displays your proxies in a user-friendly format, providing all the essential details for each proxy connection. You can 'Copy' the list to your clipboard or 'Download List' for offline access. Additionally, you can choose the format and specify how many proxies to display or export. This efficient setup gives you quick access to your proxy details for immediate use.

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